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ST. LOUIS, MO, United States

Pasilobus is a company that specializes in custom e-commerce store designs. If you want to sell online as a hobby, or expand your business to the online commerce universe, we have the solution to fit your business needs. We are proud to have satisfied clients from all over the world (just check out our reviews) and can work on your project no matter where you are located! Did we mention that we are also very fast?!

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The Pasilobus team is made up of highly skilled ecommerce experts that specialize in e-commerce system design, setup, and Shopify App development. Our brilliant team of engineers and designers are constantly working to deliver the most effective tools to make your ecommerce store successful.

Our team also builds more than just ecommerce stores. As a Shopify Partner, we develop our own apps and integrations for Shopify, and work constantly to create great new products for the Shopify community. Our Shopify Apps are currently being used by hundreds of people. As a leader in ecommerce systems, we are always developing innovative new products, and we have helped more than 250 clients achieve their ecommerce goals.

Pasilobus is dedicated to providing services that extend well beyond the scope of typical web design companies. We work with each of our clients to analyze their entire workflow and offer a highly customized solutions for each project’s unique needs

Ecommerce business continues to grow and each month more businesses are adapting their businesses model to include online selling. Pasilobus is positioned to assist our clients in the rapidly growing and evolving ecommerce landscape.


✓ Design is the key to pleasant user-experience, and a major component of successful online selling. We will explore your business together and find the perfect match in order to offer a great web experience to your customers.

✓ We will offer you tools to simplify your relationship with suppliers and customers. We will also help you with tools to deliver fast and timely service, retain loyal customers, and grow your business.

✓ For a successful ecommerce business, you need to be certain that all divisions work in harmony; customer support, warehouse, transportation. Every aspect of your supply chain should work together so you can focus on growing your business. Pasilobus takes the guesswork out of developing a smoothly functioning e-commerce business. 
We will provide the tools for you to provide your customers with fast and timely service.

✓ Email and configuration of Google Tools (Adwords, Analytics)

✓ Social media consulting

✓ Ready to go iOS and Android apps for your store

✓ Supply chain and fulfillment consulting by our industrial engineers

✓ Multi-channel Selling (Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Etsy)

We are passionate about helping businesses grow! 
A dedicated engineer will personally manage your project from start to finish, while the rest of the Pasilobus team contributes to the project all along the way. Together we will build a beautiful, unique, and successful ecommerce store for your business.

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